Welcome to the AIS Athletics Track & Field League 2022 - 2023. The largest track & field athletics league in the UAE, hosted at GEMS World Academy, and available for all athletes aged 7 to seniors. 

The AIS Athletics Track & Field League is an officially recognised, electronically timed competition hosted by AIS Athletics in partnership with the Dubai Sports Council & ORS Hydration tablets. 


Selecting the correct age groups

Please ensure your child enters the correct age group. We will be checking this and if a child is registered for the wrong age group they will unfortunately be disqualified. 

U20 & Seniors - Athletes aged 17 years old and above on the day of the competition

U17 - Children aged 15 years and 16 years old on the day of the competition

U15 - Children aged 13 years and 14 years old on the day of the competition

U13 - Children aged 11 years and 12 years old on the day of the competition

U11 - Children aged 9 years and 10 years old on the day of the competition

U9 - Children aged 7 years and 8 years old on the day of the competition

Changing of Age Groups

If a young athlete starts in one age group but has to move up an age group in a later league match their points will also be carried forward into the next age group. 

For example; David started League Match 1 as a U11 as he is 10 years old. However before League Match 2 he had a birthday and is now 11 years old. Therefore he must now enter for the U13 age group. His points from League Match 1 will carry forward from the U11 ranking to the U13 ranking. 


Selecting the correct events
The following events are available in each age group for both boys & girls. There is no limit on the number of events your child can compete in however points will only be allocated from the best 5 events that your child competed in.

U20 & Seniors  – 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, Long jump, High jump, Shot put, Javelin

U17 - 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, Long jump, High jump, Shot put, Javelin

U15 - 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, Long jump, High jump, Shot put, Javelin

U13 - 80m, 150m, 300m, 600m, 1000m, Long jump, High jump, Shot put, Javelin

U11 - 60m, 150m, 600m, 1000m, Long jump, Javelin, Shot Put

U9 - 60m, 150m, 300m, 600m, 1000m, Long jump, Javelin



Event Scoring System
The following points will be given out for position. Points will be given to the top 10 performances for each event.

1st place  – 10 points 

2nd place - 8 points 

3rd place - 6 points

4th place - 4 points 

5th place - 2 points 

6th - 10th place - 1 point 

Bib Numbers
All athletes must keep their bib numbers from previous league matches. replacement bib numbers will be reissued at a 25AED charge. 
Heats & Finals 

All heats will be pre determined and heat lists will go online 24 hours before the event takes place. 

There will be heats for each track event as per the timetable. This is however subject to the number of entries. For league matches there will be no final. 

All track events are electronically timed. 


One false start disqualification rule will be implemented for all U15 to U20/Senior competitions. This is subject to the track referee's desecration. Their say is final, and must be respected.

Field Events 

Each athlete is entitled to 4 attempts in the long jump, shot put & javelin. 

For high jump, we will follow the standard international rules of 3 failed attempt. 

Footwear and Kit 

Please wear your school or club kit only. Athletes without school or club kit will not be allowed to compete. 

Spikes will be allowed for all age groups. 

Event Payment & Cancellation

We will not be accepting any payments on the day to change events. to confirm your event payment must be made before hand through the online payment portal. 

Once an event has been entered you have up to 24 hours before the closing date to change this event. 

We do not offer refunds for cancelled events or no show. We do not offer adjustments for future events. 


There will not be any medals given during the league. There will only be medals at the League Final for all winners. 

Medals & awards will give given for the following performances:

- League records in any age group or event.

- Individual event winners in the league final

-Overall league champions in each age group