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Athletics Centre
of Excellence

SISD in partnership with AIS Athletics have launched a centre of excellence for track & field athletics. 

The fantastic track & field facilities at SISD, combined with the world-class coaches provided by AIS Athletics makes the SISD track & field athletics programme unique on all accounts, and a platform for SISD students to develop their skill level at an increased rate.  

  • What is the SISD Athletics Scholarship?
    The SISD Athletics Scholarship is a pathway created for SISD students to help them develop, and fast track their sporting ability under the guidance of world-class coaches provided by AIS Athletics. The aim of the programme is for students to achieve excellence in the sport of their choice through the development of transferable skills, such as speed, strength, and stamina.
  • What is the selection criteria for the SISD Sports Scholarship?
    AIS Athletics will be in charge of selecting 100 SISD athletics scholars. This will be 10 students (5 boys, 5 girls) in each age group from grade 2 to grade 10. We will then select a further 10 students overall. The scholarship will be awarded to students who best fit the follwing criteria: 1) Competing at a high standard in multiple sports 2) Competing abroad when possible in their chosen sport 3) Representing their school team 4) Representing a team outside of school 5) A regular medal winner in sports events 6) A holder of school records 7) Participate in extra curricular sport 2-3 times a week.
  • What type of sports scholarships are available as part of the SISD scholarship programme.
    There are 3 types of sports scholarships available at SISD. 1) 25% of tuition fees and free training sessions (worth up to 10,000AED) 2) Free training sessions for the year. (Worth up to 10,000AED) 3) Discounted AIS Membership, and training with the SISD sports scholars.
  • What does an SISD Sports Scholarship mean for my child?
    By receiving an SISD Sports Scholarship your child will be part of the GWA Athletics Centre of Excellence. This will include the following: 1) Free access to morning & evening training sessions up to 4 times a week at SISD. 2) Free access to our Athlete Mentorship Programme. 3) Free access a children's sports nutritionist. 4) Free access to performance testing & monitoring.
  • Can I withdraw my child's application?
    Once applied you have the option to withdraw you application by simply emailing
  • Is the SISD Athletics Scholarship just for athletics?
    Yes, This is an athletics scholarship, however it is available to all students that participate in any sport. Even if they are new to athletics and dont have much experience.
  • How do I apply for the SISD Sports Scholarship?
    To apply for your child please fill out the application form located on the page.
  • What if my child meets the criteria?
    Meeting the criteria does not guarantee that you will receive the scholarship due to the limited numbers on scholars on programme. To ensure the selection process is fair we will have a selection panel of three. This will include two members of the AIS athletics team, and one member of the SISD PE team. Scholarships will be allocated based on a selection panel voting system.
  • What if my child doesn't get selected?
    There is no guarantee that your child will get selected as there is a limited amount of scholarships available and lots of applications to get through. If your child doesn’t get selected there is nothing to worry about. It simply means that on this occasion we decided to go with another application. This being said there will still be many opportunities you child can take to ensure they give themselves the best opportunity to receive the scholarship the following year. Your child is still able to attend different sessions provided by AIS Athletics.
  • Can you give me feedback if my child is unsuccessful?
    We will certainly be able to give you feedback regarding your childs application. For feedback please email us at
  • What are our expectations for SISD Athletics Scholars?
    All SISD Athletics Scholars are expected to train 3- 4 times a week. Any students not able to meet this criteria will have their scholarship status reviewed. AIS Athletics reserve the right to remove students from the programme.
  • Is the application process anonymous?
    We ensure non disclosure of your application unless stated otherwise on th application form.

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